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How to Photograph Documents to Achieve Best OCR Results
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Written by Amanda Green   
Sunday, 15 November 2009

It is obvious that the higher image quality will produce better optical recognition results. This is why it is important to follow some simple steps when taking photographs of documents for OCR processing. If you start with better images, you will significantly help the OCR process.

            First of all, make sure there is enough light. For best results, use daylight, or two artificial light sources in order to avoid dark areas or shadows on the document which can make the text difficult to read. It is highly recommended to turn the flash off to avoid glare, especially on glossy paper. If light is insufficient, try to use the flash from a distance.
           Positioning is another important factor. If it’s possible, use a tripod. Position the lens parallel to the plane of the document, pointed toward the center of the text. Make sure that the distance between the camera and the document is enough to fit the entire document into the frame at full optical zoom. Usually this distance is about two feet. Auto focus might not be the best option when you are shooting at a close distance. In this case use the Macro (or Close-Up) mode, or focus the camera manually.
           If there is only one blurred part in the picture, reduce the aperture value and increase the distance between the document and the camera. Use maximum zoom and try to focus anywhere between the center and the border of the image.
           Next, try using a white sheet of paper to set the white balance or select the white-balance mode which suits the lighting conditions.

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