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I.R.I.S. Introduces IRISNotes 2 Digital Pens
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Written by Jim Andrews   
Friday, 06 April 2012


I.R.I.S., a company specializing in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Optimized IT Infrastructure (ICT), has released IRISNotes 2.

This is a product family of two brand-new smart digital pens that transform scribbled notes and sketches into editable text on a computer.

From a battery-powered pen, the movements of the hand are transmitted to a receiver which is clipped at the top of an ordinary sheet of paper. The receiver is then connected to the computer where Optical Character Recognition converts handwriting into electronic text that can be saved, edited or deleted. The receiver can store up to 100 pages of text.

IRISNotes Express archives handwritten notes and turns them into editable text on a computer, which can be sent to text processors such as Word, Outlook, Notepad, etc.

IRISNotes Executive 2 sends handwritten notes and graphs directly to iPhone or iPad, which can be shared through email. It also allows users to write and draw on photos taken with iPhone or iPad, and share them on Facebook or Flicker in a few clicks. IRISNotes Executive also turns handwritten notes and graphs into editable text and graphics on a PC or Mac, which can then be sent to text processors (Word, Outlook, Notepad, etc.).

Bernard de Fabribeckers, I.R.I.S. Sales Director, comments: “The IRISNotes™ Express 2 and Executive 2 are the ideal solutions for those who want to take digital notes while away from their computer. Whether you are a student taking notes during a lecture or a professional capturing the minutes of a meeting, the IRISNotes™ 2 will save you countless hours spent typing up. All you need to carry with you is the pen and the receiver; that is what makes the IRISNotes™ truly portable. Using our mobile note taker is as easy as putting pen to paper.”


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