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SmartSoft Announces a Major Update in Smart OCR
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Tuesday, 30 November 1999

SmartSoft, the leading provider of document capture, OCR software and conversion software solutions, has released a new version of SmartOCR, a desktop software application that delivers SmartSoft’s innovative optical character recognition technology.


SmartOCR enables consumers to effortlessly turn scanned paper documents into searchable and fully editable digital files. The solution delivers 99.8 percent recognition accuracy rates and offers excellent layout and structure recreation capabilities. SmartOCR is capable of recognizing and processing low-quality documents, fax documents and screenshots and also offers a conveniently built-in text editor feature with a spell-checker to allow users to quickly and easily proofread their recognized documents.

The new version of the OCR software delivers a variety of advancements, including an entirely new design as well as enhanced recognition accuracy. Both versions of SmartOCR now offer a very easy-to-use interface that allows users to perform all their tasks in just a couple of mouse clicks.

The newly released Pro version offers the following options:

- Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office Integration. SmartOCR users can now easily convert their documents by right-clicking on them and selecting Convert.

- Batch Conversion. This feature enables users to select all files they wish to convert, specify a destination folder and have the files processed all at once into separate documents. Users can also save their batch conversion tasks for use in the future.

- Watched Folder. The Watched Folder is available for all computers in a single network. Users can paste documents for conversion into the Watched folder and have them processed automatically.

- Custom Dictionaries. The Pro version of the OCR software supports custom dictionaries to improve recognition rates. Users have the option to import dictionaries from Microsoft Word or other custom dictionaries for even easier and more efficient document proofreading.

For further information on SmartOCR as well as free trial versions please go to http://www.smartocr.com.


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