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New Software Development Kit for iPhone Developers
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Thursday, 26 March 2009

           ABBYY has announced that its software development kit Mobile OCR Engine 3.0 Release 3 now supports the Apple iPhone. The Mobile OCR Engine enables developers to create OCR applications for mobile devices.

          ABBYY’s optical character recognition technology transforms camera-captured images into searchable and editable text.  With the camera phone and an OCR application, users can captures business cards, books, receipts, or other documents and convert them into text, which can be stored, edited, or sent via SMS or email.
          “iPhone’s developer community has been growing very rapidly and there are tens of thousands of applications available for this platform worldwide today,” said Katya Solntseva, director of mobile products department at ABBYY.  “In order to be competitive, application developers need new, unique features which are truly useful for a broad audience. With ABBYY’s Mobile OCR Engine SDK, developers can create solutions ranging from simple business card reading applications that automatically store the contact information on the mobile phone’s address book, to more complex business tools which support integration with various enterprise solutions such as CRM or ECM. The possibilities for mobile solutions are endless.”
          ABBYY Mobile OCR software development kit supports various mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux, Android and iPhone. This will enable developers to use the OCR technology for creating applications for different platforms and devices. 
The SDK can recognize text in 58 languages with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters, which allows the creation of multilingual solutions.
          Learn more about ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK at http://www.ABBYY.com/mobileOCR.


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