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SmartSoft Has Introduced Smart OCR SDK
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Monday, 06 February 2012


SmartSoft, the leading provider of advanced optical character recognition, document capture and conversion technologies, has recently announced the release of Smart OCR software development kit (SDK).

The new product for developers delivers SmartSoft’s highly accurate OCR technology.

Smart OCR SDK allows software engineers to implement SmartSoft’s professional optical character recognition technology that provides advanced layout recreation capabilities, accuracy rates of over 99.8 percent, and tools for forms recognition. The SDK offers a comprehensive set of convenient tools to enable software developers to effortlessly implement SmartSoft’s optical character recognition technology within their own software products.

SmartSoft’s OCR SDK delivers the optical character recognition technology that is at the core of the company’s professional desktop software application for transforming scanned paper documents, faxes and screenshots into modifiable and searchable text, Smart OCR. Smart OCR SDK features advanced PDF, DOC, HTML and XLS support with different output modes and delivers powerful API. The supported languages include VB.NET, C#, VB 5.0, 6.0; and C++. The SDK also provides detailed documentation and samples to make the process of implementing the technology smooth and easy.

Additionally, SmartSoft provide custom versions of the SDK, based on the customer’s individual requirements. For detailed information on Smart OCR SDK, to download a trial version or view licensing costs, please visit http://www.smartocr.com/sdk.htm.



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