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A New App Module from Nuance Enables Easy Integration Voice Capabilities and Text-to-Speech
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Monday, 07 February 2011


Nuance has announced VoCon Navigation, a pre-packaged application module, which makes it easier manufacturers of personal navigation devices (PNDs) and developers of mobile navigation applications developers to create voice-enabled navigation solutions.

VoCon Navigation is a plug-and-play module which enables PND manufacturers and developers of mobile navigation apps to implement Nuance’s natural language technology, which allows drivers to speak addresses with a voice command. No step-by-step address confirmation is necessary. Additionally, VoCon Navigation enables partial street name entry.


The new module provides text-to-speech capabilities, grammar, dialog flow as well as links to the graphical user interface. It also features Nuance’s broad language support.

“With the incredible demand for voice-enabled navigation devices and applications, developers and manufacturers require trusted and proven plug-and-play technology that enables them to bring voice innovations to market faster,” said Arnd Weil, vice president and general manager, Nuance Automotive. “We designed VoCon Navigation with this mind, providing PND manufacturers and mobile app developers with a complete, easy-to-integrate one-shot voice offering that brings our advances in natural language understanding to more consumers, platforms and devices worldwide.”

For further information, please visit http://www.nuance.com/for-business/by-solution/automotive-products-and-solutions/index.htm

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