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New Release of On Demand Insight
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Written by Dave Cunningham   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nuance Communications has announced the latest release of On Demand Insight (ODI), Nuance’s web-based interactive voice response (IVR) analytics. ODI enables customers to optimize performance of self-service applications, increase automation, and reduce costs in contact centers.

Nuance On Demand is a VoiceXML hosting environment. It handles over 30 million calls a month. The solution enables contact center managers to analyze IVR performance metrics (e.g. task completion rates, containment rates, and speech recognition rates), which makes it easier to prioritize opportunities. Nuance ODI also minimizes network and IT configuration and maintenance. “The effectiveness of an IVR system and customer satisfaction in call centers can be improved by optimizing the many parts of an IVR application,” said Steve Cramoysan, Research Director, Gartner. “Tools which provide information and insights that enable companies to identify & prioritize which parts of their IVR application would most benefit from optimization, can play a critical role in achieving these benefits.”

“Nuance On Demand allows enterprises to gain an understanding of their customers and to serve them more effectively,” said Tom Chisholm, senior vice president, enterprise division, Nuance Communications. “In working with our customers, we recognized the opportunity as well as the industry’s need for metrics and analytics in the contact center, and On Demand Insight takes our speech cloud to a whole new level by giving customers the ability to rapidly improve and adapt, based on what they’re learning about their customers.”

For more information, please visit: www.nuance.com.

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