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Spansion Partners with Nuance to Accelerate Voice Recognition Innovations for the Embedded Market
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Written by Jim Andrews   
Thursday, 22 March 2012


Spansion Inc. has announced a partnership with Nuance to accelerate voice recognition innovation for embedded technologies.

Spansion and Nuance are innovators of semiconductor products and voice recognition respectively, now working together on enhancing voice recognition for embedded solutions that address the gaming, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

Voice capabilities are increasingly becoming part of the mobile user interface, and new features require natural language understanding and multi-lingual capabilities. Systems deployed within automobiles and consumer electronics, on the other hand, require high performance and reliable memory to be able to quickly return accurate results.

Spansion develops system solutions that leveraging non-volatile memory technology designed to speed up and improve the accuracy of reading data for memory, processing and MIPS intensive systems. Spansion is now integrating Nuance’s voice recognition as part of these systems, with initially deployment in automotive environments that require increased processing and memory to improve in-car connectivity, navigation, entertainment, and safety. Integrating Nuance’s voice capabilities enables automotive manufacturers to minimize visual-manual distractions.

Nuance and Spansion are also working to integrate their solutions to improve speech search quality and latency. The combined technologies are currently available on a demo platform under evaluation by a number of automotive makers and suppliers.

Spansion will additionally integrate Nuance’s voice recognition technology in systems designed for the gaming and consumer electronics market, to allow OEMs to offer fast voice recognition processing for embedded command and control.

To learn more, please visit http://spansion.com or http://nuance.com.  


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