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ABBYY’s OCR Technologies Integrated into InfoWatch Data Leakage Protection Software
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Written by Dave Cunningham   
Saturday, 12 December 2009

          ABBYY, one of the leading providers of data capture and document recognition software, and InfoWatch, a company specialized in developing data leakage protection (DLP) software, have announced that ABBYY FineReader technologies have been integrated into InfoWatch Device Monitor, a DLP application which prevents the copying and printing of confidential documents by employees.

          “Integration of OCR technologies into data leakage protection software is a very new and important field for us. We are rather glad that InfoWatch has chosen our recognition technologies for data security optimization. ABBYY FineReader technologies will help to make DLP solutions more versatile to monitor any data regardless of the types of documents,” commented Andrey Isaev, Director of the Technology Products Department at ABBYY.
           InfoWatch Device Monitor includes a control system which makes shadow copies of all analyzed documents in text in the corporate network. These are sent to the central server and labeled as confidential if specific information is detected. Earlier versions of the software monitored data in PDF and Microsoft Word documents but information leakage was not completely prevented as it was possible to copy files to storage devices and scanned images or PDF documents without a text layer could be printed out. Now the monitoring of text on images is done by ABBYY FineReader recognition technologies, which allow higher accuracy in recognizing data on printed text and images in 195 languages. The InfoWatch Device Monitor and ABBYY’s OCR technologies make a successful combination which provides better confidential information security and prevents data leakage activities.

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