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Citadelle Regional Hospital Liege Automates Form Recognition Using I.R.I.S.
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Written by Ray Higgins   
Saturday, 15 August 2009

          I.R.I.S., a company offering Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Optimized IT Infrastructure (ICT) solutions, has implemented a project in the Citadelle Regional Hospital in Liege, Belgium.

          The inter-municipal public hospital, operating at three sites in Liege, will now use software from I.R.I.S for the scanning and automatic form recognition.
          The human resources and the nursing departments of the hospital conduct periodical surveys among patients. In these surveys the hospital uses forms which, after being completed by the patients, are entered into database systems. A large number of pages are accumulated in this way, sometimes up to 7,000 pages per survey. Statistical tools are then used to interpret the results. It is natural that the manual processing of the answers in the surveys not only takes up a heavy workload but also offers little added value. This is the reason why the hospital decided to acquire a solution for scanning and automatic form recognition.
            I.R.I.S. was selected to implement digitization technologies which collect the images and extract the data from the necessary fields. Finally, the images of the scanned forms as well as the information that was captured are exported into the hospital's systems and the results are processed.
             Yves Alsteens, Sales Manager at I.R.I.S., says: "Since the CHR wanted to end up with full control of the solution, I.R.I.S. organised training for a manager appointed by the CHR: this person will therefore be capable of managing and customising the recognition system with complete autonomy, which will allow the hospital to make optimum use of the solution by automating the processing of other forms."

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